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Since one common shoe size doesn’t fit all, similarly there’s no one shoe type that can suit all types of feet. There are different types of shoes that are look good and work better for different people. Everyone has their own shoe style depending on what they do and what their life demands. For instance, someone who works while standing all day should go for something that has a lot of back support and cushioning, while in an office job you can afford to indulge in a pair of heels with less support, but look so cute.

So you really cannot generalize shoe types. For instance, Liz Claiborne shoes have a square toe design, which is more suited for individuals with broader feet. It caters to the urban-chic woman who wants a blend of comfort with style. The comfy three and a half-inch heel helps you stand tall, without being wobbly. The leather upper adds to the formal design.

But if someone has a slender foot shape, she can opt for pointed toes or pumps. Not only are they formal and classy, they look great with work appropriate outfits. The pointy toe is a chic understated style.

Other footwear styles depend on practical usage and comfort levels. Boots are sensible for the colder weather. A heel boot works well for style and minimal travel, but someone who will be walking around all day and is sensitive to foot pains need something flatter or with specialized cushions for added comfort.

Those who are always on the run should avoid very high heels. Wedge heels are a good compromise by giving you some height but still maintaining comfort and some support. Stilettos should be restricted to the red carpet, formal events or occasions where you don’t have to walk a lot.

And when you head out for a jog or to the gym, then go for comfy sneakers. With the shoe veterans like Jimmy Choo giving the sneaker a stylish twist, depending on your outfit you can sometimes even wear them for clubbing too.

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