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The men’s Letterman jacket is an iconic part of American sports. The traditional dark-colored torso and light-colored sleeves are unmistakable. Most people are first introduced to the Letterman jacket in high school, as they are worn by the school’s athletic elite: the varsity teams. The jacket is like a jersey for when athletes are off the basketball court or football field. Bearing the school’s name and the athlete’s number, these jackets are proudly worn to support the team and boost school spirit.

Even after high school, the popularity of the Letterman jacket remains strong in the sports community. Its simple design is compatible with an infinite combination of color palettes. This versatility makes the jacket look simple and clean in any variation of team colors. The natural association of the jacket to athletics allows it to transition seamlessly to professional sports.

If you are a die-hard sports fan, it is in your best interest to add a Letterman jacket of your choice teams to your collection. An easy-to-wear button up jacket is a great alternative to your favorite player’s jersey, especially when attending cold outdoor games or tailgating. You don’t have to think twice with a Letterman jacket, – just throw on any pair of jeans and comfortable shoes, and you can be out the door and on your way to supporting your favorite team.

Along with sports, the Letterman jacket has invaded urban style. A great part of a celebrity’s identity is his hometown and nothing screams hometown pride more than support for local sports teams. Brooklyn-born rapper Jay-Z even claims to have made the Yankee Cap more famous than a Yankee can. One of the virtues of urban fashion is being true to one’s roots and nothing quite captures dedication the way that sports affiliation does. Even a plain design like this Champion Letterman jacket does a lot to suggest a connection with American culture and sports.

Men's letterman jacket

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