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Handbags are always a must for any lady that knows her fashion. You can never have just one bag, especially if you have a busy social life. Different bags need to be taken in terms of style, material and size depending on the event you are going to. These handbags not only help you carry your essentials, but also showcase your personality style. The market is full of variety and styles of these bags. In fact as you go shopping, choosing one for yourself may become rather overwhelming.

Now the question arises as to how many of these handbags should a lady have? Well, it depends on how much you love them and how much can you afford. However there are some essential categories of handbags every woman should have in her closet.

To start with, an everyday grab bag is a must-have for every woman. This is a mid-sized basic bag. It can have a classic style that matches any outfit. You can have it in black leather, but going for red, grey or white will also be chic choices. I got a Mossy Oak purse for myself and it serves me well as I grab it for my everyday errands.

The next on list is the girl’s night out” bag; a small, dressy bag that you for carrying the essentials. You can just keep your comb, wallet, cell phone and perhaps a lipstick. You can have it in sequins, fur, beading, silk, fringe or anything that calls for elegance and sophistication. You can check out for a Berge purse in clutch style for one of your evenings.

Another must-have in your closet is the Girl Scout bag. The motto of this bag is “be prepared” and it serves its purpose well. It can hold almost anything you would need on the go. Messenger bags, hobos or totes are a few examples of this type. A subcategory of this type is the diaper bag. These  are especially designed for new mothers, so that they can stylishly carry all their baby items.

These are some of the bags for your basic wardrobe. In fact handbags are great functional and fun too since they are an extension of your personality. You can have as many bags as you wish, all that matters is to carry them off with confidence  and you will be one stylish woman.

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