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boar bristle hair brush, tips on how to keep your hair straight


Although everyone tells me to embrace my curls, I’ve always felt it’s more frizzy hair than structured curls, and my desire to have naturally straight hair never went away. On the other hand, I did not want to do anything artificial to my hair too. Therefore I was always looking around for tips on how to keep your hair straight in a natural manner. My favorite is right after I get my hair cut and the stylist magically makes my hair silky smooth and straight. It always gives me more confidence when my hair looks good. 

The shampoo and conditioning process is very important one to creating the shine and preserving my hair’s health. When blow drying, I’ve found it’s effective to use a boar bristle hair brush. Initially I was scared off ripping my hair with this brush. However, this brush is actually really beneficial for your scalp and works great on all types of hair – thick to fine hair. This brush was also really effective in straightening and smoothing my frizzy hair, a huge benefit.

  • The brush is able to do this because it spreads your hair’s natural oils so it doesn’t become concentrated in one area. This helps condition your hair naturally and the result is smoother and healthier hair.
  • The hard bristles increases the blood circulation of your scalp too, which makes it a relaxing exercise, in addition to cleansing your hair from any dead particles.
  • You can prevent your hair from damage too by brushing your hair  in slow firm strokes, starting at the scalp and making your way through.

Although this brush can look a little daunting at first, the bottom line is that it gives you shiny, more manageable, and healthy hair.

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