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Most outdoor sports which involve a lot of movement on turfs and fields would require you to have a good set of baseball cleats. They are not only important for your performance but also to keep you from getting injured. Here are the things you need to know before you buy a pair of baseball cleats.

One of the first things you should do is to check the regulations that your local baseball league has set regarding cleats. Most leagues usually have rules regarding cleats which are acceptable for different age groups. Younger players usually are not allowed to wear metal cleats while the seniors are allowed to wear them.

The next thing you would need to look at is the shoe style. There are basically 3 types of shoe styles. They are high tops, mid cuts and low cuts. High cuts are great for lateral movement thanks to the high ankle support. Low cuts are great for quick sprints because they are usually light weight. Mid cut shoes offer a bit of both.

The next thing you should be looking at is the cleat construction. Cleats are usually made from leather or synthetic materials. Leather cleats are quite breathable, flexible, and durable and are the most comfortable ones. Synthetic wouldn’t offer you the comfort and breathability but they are light weight and offer strong reinforcement and additional support in the forefoot mid foot and ankle. They are also a lot cheaper when compared to leather cleats. Most Nike baseball cleats like the HUARACHE LWP90 are made from synthetic material.

The next thing you would need to look at is the type of cleats. There are plastic (molded) and metal cleats as your two options. Metal cleats are usually not allowed in the lower leagues. They offer a lot more traction when compared to plastic or molded cleats. Metal baseball cleats are more durable when compared to plastic ones. Plastic cleats are lighter and are less expensive. They are great on regular turfs which aren’t wet and low on traction. Interchange cleats are the best option to get as they will give you that added versatility.

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