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norelco hq55, dovo straight razor

Shaving is all about the right technique. Make sure you’ve got the technique down pat. When you’re interacting with people, the first thing they notice is your face. And that’s when first impressions are made. So it makes sense to show off a smooth shave with no nicks and cuts to spoil the effect. Take a look at what you need by way of tools for the perfect shave:

Norelco hq55

Check out the Norelco electric shaver from Philips. The Norelco shaver offers a faster, closer and smoother shave. It uses precision cutting system with ultra-thin heads with slots to shave longer hair and remove the smallest of stubble. The patented reflex action automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for smooth and flexible shaving. Norelco hq55 electric shaver heads come in a set of three for your convenience. They’re universal replacements for other shaving heads like HQ3, HQ4 and so on. They give you a super lift and cut, lifting hair up to 50% better. They fit most Norelco electric shaver models.

Dovo straight razor

Whichever razor you go with, ensure that the razor is super sharp. Go with a razor that depends on your beard and skin type. Dovo straight razor is a classic razor with an ebony handle. It gives you a close shave. It’s important to have a steady hand while shaving. Made out of carbon steel, this rust-resistant razor is made by Solingen master grinders with hot forged special steel under the most stringent control. The durable razor handle has an engraving plate on the handle. Keeping the blade clean and sharp by drying it on a soft cloth ensures your razor blades remain sharp for a long time.

Shaving brush and cream

Use a rich lathering cream. Choose a shaving cream and brush that suits your skin type. A shaving cream that creates a good lather lifts the beard for a close and comfortable shave. A good shaving cream like Gillette Foamy shaving cream also protects skin from irritation and razor burn. The Art of Shaving Fusion brush from Gillette’s Chrome Collection gently exfoliates your skin to give you a close shave.

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