5 things you need to have when hitting the slopes


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The temperatures are rapidly dropping and that means one thing. Yep that’s right! It’s that time of the year when you can head out skiing and snowboarding. Now before you head out to the slopes there are a few things you would require. Here are 5 things you need to have when hitting the slopes.

One of the first things you would need to get yourself is a pair of skis. You wouldn’t really need to by them as lots of resorts rent them out. But most experienced skiers usually prefer their own pair of skis. There are many different types of skis available and choosing the right one would depend on your experience level. Skis with larger width are great for beginners as they are more stable. Lower width skis are great for experienced skiers as they are a lot more maneuverable. Alpine skis are one of the most popular ones available and they are great for downhill skiing. All mountain skis would be a good versatile and flexible option to have.

The next thing you would require would be a pair of ski boots is as essential as the skis themselves. Since the interior of the ski boots are going to be in contact with the skis you would require a comfortable and fitting boot in order to have a good skiing experience. There are quite a few things you would need to consider before picking a ski boot like the size, flex, fit and features. Based on that and your skiing experience and your skis, you should make your decision on the ski boots.

Once you’ve got yourself a good pair of ski boots the next thing on your list should be a pair of ski poles. Choosing ski poles is quite tricky as short ones would get you into developing bad skiing habits while heavy ones will not be fun at all. The thumb rule for the size of skis is to place the ski upside down and it should reach your arm when placed in a 90 degree angle. In simpler words it should be about the height when your forearm is parallel to the floor. Ski poles are usually made from aluminum and graphite.

The next thing you would require would be a good jacket to keep you warm in those cold environments. Choosing a good jacket isn’t that simple as you would need to get one that isn’t too heavy but at the same time keeps you protected from the cold. The ski jackets from Patagonia are one of the most popular ones around.

Lastly you would need a pair of ski goggles. They will keep your eyes protect from UV radiation and protected from any projectiles that comes come while skiing down at high speeds. The Oakley goggles for skiing have dual vented lenses which feature F3 Anti-Fog technology that eliminates fog formation.

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