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Your bedroom is a great avenue for personal expression, including but not limited to your bedroom furniture. It should sustain functionality while still representing your own personal style. It needs to be a place you can come home to at the end of the day and not feel stressed or uncomfortable, you’ve spent enough time feeling that during the workday. Your bedroom should be an all encompassing relaxing environment.

One of the best ways to promote that is maintaining a level of organization. One of the most stressful experiences is searching high and low for your favorite pair of shoes, the ones you had envisioned yourself wearing when you mentally picked out your clothes the night before, and not being able to find them. A closet organizer is the perfect solution to that problem. There are hanging shoe organizers that will hang on your rack, there are also different sizes so you can place your sweaters and cardigans in there if you’re lacking shelf space.

A bedroom vanity is another way to stay organized. The Lily Bedroom Vanity Set includes a table with 3 drawers to store your makeup, perfume, nail polish, and all of your other essential accessories. You can also choose to add optional left and right mirror cabinets for extra storage. The polished clean look adds style to your room also.

These organizational skills can also transcend from your bedroom to your entire living space. A great way to get started is picking up a room-by-room guide, like Regina Leeds’ “One Year to an Organized Life“, which breaks projects down by week so you don’t feel too overwhelmed in the process; organizing should relieve stress not create more of it.

It is important to note that throughout the organizing process, make sure you don’t lose your personal touch. The goal is not to create a sterile living environment, but instead one that represents your creativity and is also efficient so clutter doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your room.

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