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Sometimes tough weather makes it impossible for kids to play outside. On the other hand, some kids easily catch cold if they play outside in cold days but as they say, the show must go on! Kids learn a lot of things through games. A play area can help you focus your kid’s energy to one area in your home. Therefore, you must create a nice indoor play area for your kids. Here are some tips on how to make a safe play area in the house.

  • Pick a good play yard for babies

You can pick a play yard depending on the age of your kid. You can go for the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard if you want your baby to have fun while you read your favorite magazine. This play yard keeps your little one cozy. This is a portable play yard featuring a reversible napper and changer. You can fold it and take it along on a trip. You can pick the Graco Twin Pack n Play if you have two cute babies.

  • Choose a room that’s away from valuable items

If you want to create a play area for a kid who is 5 years and above then you must choose a room that doesn’t have a TV screen or any other item that’s valuable. This doesn’t only give your kid more freedom but also saves your home’s items from damage. You can turn your covered patio or backyard into a play area.

  • Use safety gates to make the play area safe

Safety always comes first. You can use safety gates for stairs that are present in or around the play area. You can also use the safety gates as dividers. You can put them between your kid’s play area and your pets’ room. Install the Lascal KiddyGuard Avant child safety gate and stay stress free. Featuring a great design, these gates are made from sturdy polyester mesh panels which easily retract from an open to closed position. The panels go into the metal housing which protects them from dirt and damage.

  • Cover the floor with a rubber mat

A rubber mat keeps your floor away from stains, scratches or any other kind of damage. You can pick a rubber mat that’s flexible, thin and soft. Such a mat will keep your kids safe. The mat shouldn’t have a rough texture. Pick non-toxic and odor free rubber mat that goes with your room’s décor. You can add an aesthetic appeal to any play area with these mats.

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