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thanksgiving hors doeuvres

November has arrived and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It’s time to strap on the apron and set about preparing the perfect home-cooked meal for friends and family. One of the greatest challenges of hosting a Thanksgiving feast is coordinating your dinner with all the other festivities that come with having the entire family visiting. In order to have the perfect dinner, here are all of the things you’ll need to consider to keep your home in order when planning out your meal.

Kitchen chaos

The kitchen will likely be the busiest part of the house during Thanksgiving Day. Know in advance what you intend to be cooking and where you will be cooking it. If you have only one oven, but are in need of more, schedule usage of the oven. Cook the dishes that  can sit out for some time first and store them in a chafing dish so that you don’t have to reheat them later. You can start with side dishes like candied yams or casseroles, then cook the turkey so it is hot and fresh when dinner time arrives.

Living room entertainment

This will likely be the second busiest part of your home. A great way to keep your guests entertained before the big meal is to put on the Thanksgiving NFL games. There will be three games playing throughout the day, so it is likely that the sports fans in your family will be glued to the television for the larger part of the day. Whip up some cold snacks to store in the refrigerator the night before so that they can have something to munch on during the game. In the probable event that someone won’t leave the TV at dinner time, set aside a few plates in a small chafing dish for them once the games conclude.

Dining room setup

The kitchen will be very busy, so if there are any idle hands that would like to help, have them set up the table at least an hour before dinner time. Be sure you have enough space and dinnerware for all your guests. If your dining table is not adequately large or if you know that there will be rowdy kids, set aside a children’s table.

Outdoor games for groups

If it’s not too cold outside, it’s a great idea to set up a game of touch football in the backyard or at the local park. Football and Thanksgiving have a long history, but a pickup game of basketball will do the job too. A little bit of exercise is a great way for the family to catch up and build up their appetites. In addition, it will clear up the house a bit so that the chefs in the kitchen will have some room to breathe.

Guest rooms

Spare and unused bedrooms in the house can be very useful when hosting. Set aside a quiet room for children to rest when they are tuckered out.

If you prepare your home and plan your day well in advanced, you’ll have no problem getting all your guests together for the perfect Thanksgiving. Happy hosting!

Chafing dishes

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