How to stay smelling fresh all day


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Body odor can be most offensive to you and the people around you. Staying fresh and smelling good ensures you have an attractive personality. Your confidence levels boost and energy levels rise when you know you’re looking and feeling clean and healthy. Take a look at some tips on how to stay fresh all day long:

A shower before you set off for work is a must-do every morning. A shower can rejuvenate you and perk you up like nothing else can.

Always use a good quality shampoo, soap and other grooming and styling products. And use only those that are allergen-free and suit your body type. Use a soap that contains natural astringents and tea tree oils to close pores and reduce sweat.

What happens is that when the bacteria that grows naturally on skin mixes with sweat, it results in body odor. That’s why it’s important to keep skin dry.

Areas like underarms and other areas trap moisture. Exfoliate your underarms and apply deodorants like the Polo deodorant. The Ralph Lauren, Blue Polo deodorant stick provides protection against wetness and odor. It smells of thyme and rich leather. It glides on smoothly, is lightweight and long-lasting. It has a quick-dry formula and is delicately perfumed.

Use body sprays every day after your shower. Spray yourself before putting on your clothes and again with your clothes on. Spray on Polo Blue cologne that’s rich with fresh notes of melon, mandarin orange and cool cucumber. It’s warm, inviting and vibrant to keep you going confidently the whole day. Middle notes of geranium, basil and sage in Polo Blue cologne keep you and those around you relaxed. Base notes of musk, light wood and rich suede gives you an assured manner and pleasing aura.

One other way to keep smelling fresh all day is by avoiding certain foods like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli that contain the odorous body odor causing gas sulfur. Wear cool, cotton clothes that are breathable and sweat absorbing.

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