How to burn calories without going to the gym


pro form elliptical, proform step up personal trainer treadmill

A lot of us have been there. I definitely have. I always think that from next day onward, I’m going to begin my exercise schedule, come what may.  And then tomorrow dawns and there’s an important meeting or an unavoidable appointment, unable to make the time for any kind of workout. But imagine if you could get in a brisk workout right from home. A small but well equipped home gym is a wonderful solution for those hard pressed for time. Take a look at some items that can help you burn calories right from home:

Pro form elliptical

A pro form elliptical helps you get the best cardio benefits out of your workout. It helps build up resistance and burn calories while adding muscle definition. Your lower and upper body gets a good workout.

The ProForm ZE elliptical is a space-saving design with innovative, slip-resistant pedals and folds up quickly. It automatically adjusts your resistance during your workout and gives you different foot positions to provide greater stability. The Pro form elleptical tracks your speed, distance, time and calories burned as you exercise. It even has a built-in iPod port to help you move to the beat during your exercise routine.

Proform step up personal trainer treadmill

Using a treadmill can help you achieve your weight-loss goals more easily. Running or walking on a treadmill helps strengthen bones, joints and muscles while helping you maintain the ideal weight. You can use a treadmill even when the weather’s bad outside.

Using a Proform step up personal trainer treadmill is invaluable in reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and improving heart and general health. A Pro form step up personal treadmill allows you to tailor the intensity of your workout to suit your personal weight-loss goals. You have the option to increase the speed and incline to help you burn more calories to shed those extra pounds.

Adjustable dumbbells

To get in a well-rounded workout, strength training is necessary. Strength training with dumbbells can help build lean muscles and improve balance. Dumbbells and plate weights can help you do this. Dumbbells are relatively more cost-effective. An adjustable XMark dumbbell set is space-saving and combines multiple sets of dumbbells in one. You can also add a weight training bench if you have the space to work on your abdominal muscles.

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