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Purses are not merely practical accessories these days, because now your purse has the power to speak volumes about the elegance and class of your personality. Today, they exemplify the style statement of a woman. With an infinite number of various purses styles, size, materials, colors and brands, it can be overwhelming to chose the right one for you. Whether you are a teacher, a corporate worker or simply a house wife, here are some handbag tips for you to know. You must possess at least each of  these types of purses to carry what you need in style.



Everyday/classic bag. This one is for your everyday purposes. This one is big enough to hold all your essentials but smaller than a tote. Such handbags should be in shades of neutral colors so that you can use them with all your outfits. Shades of gray, brown or black should be good choices. Also go for timeless shape such as a square or an oblong one to serve you for years to come.

Tote bag.  There are times when you need to carry more than your essentials. A tote bag is perfect to carry those extra items. You can go for various choices when selecting one for yourself. You can go for a leather, canvas or the one with fun prints. Tote bags are great to carry to office, gym or beach. Why not check out some really cool Anne Klein purses in this category.

Trendy/fun handbag. Girls just want to have fun! This kind of handbag will keep you looking stylish and allow for some fun. Select an edgy purse that will step up your fashion style to a notch.

Evening/clutch handbag.
If you are planning for a night out then dress yourself with a clutch. Clutches are perfect for formal events like a prom, wedding, or ball. These purses are small, elegant and sleek as compared to other types of purses. They are meant to hold only your essentials like a compact, lipstick, credit card, cell phone and keys.

If you possess at least one of each of these purses, you will be stylishly prepared for all occasions. It’s a great feeling to look and feel confident no matter how much or how little you might need to carry


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