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Mountain biking is one of the most thrilling sports and recreational activities around. The thrill of riding down a mountain on your bike is second to none. Before you begin mountain biking you would require a lot of practice. In addition to that you would require a good mountain bike. Here are three durable mountain bikes you could use.

Diamondback Adult Recoil Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a versatile and tough mountain bike then the Diamondback would be your best option. This bike is perfect whether you are flying down a tricky trail or riding through a twisted track. This bike has a 4 inch aluminum travel frame which is strong and durable. This bike also features Tuff Shock Coil rear shock to keep you stable and comfortable during rough trail rides. The brakes of this bike are as good as any bike out there. The large thick 26 inch tires are just about perfect for the size of this bike. The stainless steel spokes of this bike complement its durability. This bike is quite similar to rhino bikes which are great for the trail as well. To find anything better would mean you would have to start looking for moto cross gear.

Mongoose Incline BMX Bike

This is one of the best women’s mountain bikes around. This bike features an element suspension for MTB Rise bars and ahead stem. The large 36 Spoke alloy rims alloy along with the 3 piece cranks set offers great durability. This bike also features a 21 speed SRAM shift system which will help you climb up tough trails as well as speed through the flats. Lastly it also features an alloy dual suspension frame to give you stability why riding on tricky tracks.

DK Xenia 26″ BMX Bike

If you are looking for a versatile bike which is durable then the DK Xenia BMX Bike would be your best option. This bike is just about perfect for any kind of setting. In addition to being versatile this bike is just so much fun to ride. This single speed bike is perfect for the casual rider who occasionally would prefer to go off road on to the trails. Lastly this bike is easy to maintain and is quite durable.

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