Satchel or handbag: What’s the difference?


Michael Kors suede bag, MK purses


Yves Saint Laurent once said- “fashions fade, style is eternal.” What is a better way to add to the dash of style rather than carry the perfect handbag? These are the list of essential handbags which I feel most women across the world indulge into. 

  • One of the most commonly used bags includes the shoulder strap bag. Whether you want to pick up a single or a double strap is your choice entirely. The good news is that you can get in a number of sizes and shapes too. I bought a Michael Kors suede bag in this category which is versatile in nature; it adds perfect glamour to your outfit.
  • Did you think satchels were only great as a school bag? While it has a long strap and can be worn over one shoulder, it is ideal for students, picnics or even for errands.
  • The clutch is the ideal hand held purse which is literally meant to be “clutched: Is it not the best thing which was invented for formal wear? My collection of formal MK purses, has the clutches which I use the most
  • For a casual day out, a hobo is the best bet that you have. This half moon shaped bags are usually made of soft material and look rather funky!
  • What did you think about totes? These oversized bags are usually made of cloth or soft material? After using them extensively I have realized that are perfect for grocery shopping, running errands and traveling. In fact apart from making a style statement, I love to carry these totes even for grocery shopping such that it reduces the use of plastic. In addition the person, who created laptop totes? It is is someone I bless everyday of my life. I have some which are made in leather and similar materials and have separate cases for laptop and other things which I need.

The list of bags might be from the limited edition of Louis Vuitton or from a flea market, it needs to be maintained well!

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