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Teak shower stool

Ladies, it’s time we admit that we have way to many things in the shower with us. We have our shampoos, conditioners, loofas, body washes, face washes, razors, shaving creams, and back brushes. With so many necessary items to have in the shower with us, sometimes it’s hard to find a place just to stand and get clean.

I have found the answer to our overcrowded shower time woes, a shower stool. No, they are not just for the elderly, these portable seats not only give  us a great place to put our feet up when were shaving our legs but many shower stools come with storage underneath. No more slipping on your loofa and falling out of the shower and no more balancing acts to shave our legs.

Here are the three major questions you want to ask yourself before you buy a shower stool:

What do you want to use your shower stool for?

Some people use their shower stool to sit on during the duration of their shower, if that’s your plan make sure you test out the stool before you bring it home.  Is it comfortable? Does it support your weight? Or are you using your shower stool as a shelf and a great place to put your legs you’re shaving? If that’s the case, look for shower stools with storage shelves. Make sure you get a stool that’s best your specific needs.


Corner unit or bench?

Corner units are great for smaller showers where every inch of available real-estate is getting used. Get a corner unit shower stool if you want to use it mostly for storage and shaving your legs. Bench shower stools are perfect for large walk-in showers or showers that are also steam rooms/saunas because they are spacious and comfortable.


Plastic or wood?

This is also a question of how much you want to spend. While, plastic is going to be cheaper, it also might be safer as many plastic shower stools come with suction cups on the bottom so as not to slip. Yes, a wood shower stool will be more expensive but it will also be sturdier and more comfortable to sit it. If you’re going to go for a wood shower stool, then I recommend teak shower stool as it stands up to water, is eco-friendly, and it’s a very strong wood.

Enjoy your new shower stool!

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