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One of the reasons for improving technology is to allow people to live more comfortable and organized lives. The advent of the smart phone has allowed us to carry our music, contacts, and apps with us where ever we went. People no longer have to carry a phone, GPS, and schedule with them. That clutter has been eliminated, and now all you need to do is grab your phone before rushing out the door.

While it’s unquestionable that advancements in mobile technology have allowed us to keep better track of our fast-paced and technologically-demanding lives, they haven’t done much by way of clearing up the clutter in our homes. The smart phone devout know well that when your phone becomes an essential part of organizing your life, it becomes infinitely important to always know where your device is and to always have it fully charged.

Battery life is always a problem with smart phones, so it is wise to carry a spare charger with you on excursions, but when at home, the iHome alarm clock is a great way to keep track of your iPhone and have it constantly charging. By letting the iHome clock radio serve as the charging station for your iPhone or iPad, you’ll always know where your devices are docked instead of having to check all the familiar outlets in your home.

Besides the obvious benefits of never losing your smart phone or tablet, the iHome clock provides the additional value of being able to centralize your home or room by projecting tracks from your music library. It can even play your music to sleep and wake to. The iHome clock is like a shrine, or rather a beacon, of technology where your phone can rest and recharge while you do the same.

iHome clocks

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