The best ways to give yourself a manicure on vacation


OPI gel color, travel manicure set


I love to keep my finger nails fresh. A weekly visit to the salon is an absolute must. Even when I am on my holidays I need my nails to be prim and proper. I used to be panicking over them until I laid my hands on my two secret weapons

Long Lasting and Lovely

OPI gel color has been my savior for past two trips of mine. Despite it being one of the most popular names in the industry, I had never tried it. While their regular nail polish also had a reputation of minimal peeling and chipping, their gel nail polish is a league apart. The best part is that they are low maintenance and result in long lasting nails.

I love to put the lovely neon and bright colors for my holidays. Did you know that it does not even increase the nail weight or thickness too much? The first time I had applied it, I realized that it does not take as much time to dry as the traditional polish too. So, I did not end up smearing it which would happen as a rule when I would search for keys in my bag

Travel light, but don’t forget the essentials

There were times when my husband thought I was berserk when I listed my travel manicure set as an essential for holidays. But mine is a tiny one in a wallet. You can get one as a pouch or box too. It contains some of the things which I needed frequently for a manicure like a nail clippers, scissors, metal file and a tool to set the cuticles right!

Storage is at a premium when it comes to holidays and thus I picked up a compact manicure set. Do not forget to inspect the quality of the tools when you get your set!

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