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Animal lovers are common all over the world. In fact these lovers go a great way in showing off their love as well towards their pets in all ways they can. I have a cat called Billy and definitely do not let an opportunity go past in which I want to show him off to anyone.

My ways of showing love are tremendous also and I would like to say it’s unique too. One of the most common and frequent thing I do is by wearing a feline t-shirt with slogans on them. Not only does it show my love, but it also looks cool. Most people love good humor so a comedic slogan or picture is a great thing to sport on a tee.

There are many cat enthusiasts who love to show off there cats by posting blogs in the most fun and nicest way. Whether it be photos and stories of their day to day antics are a great read. In fact I have seen people put paintings of their cats as well along with their blogs. I find that rather fascinating, just like I have got a cat wall clock up for my living room which I love.

The ways to express the love of your pet is really tremendous is what I realize when I see around. However as pet lovers, I have now decided to get another pet into house. I think Billy would be fine but I would need to know how to handle multiple pets at the same time. I have voraciously talking to people about it and came to this conclusion:

  • First and foremost there would need to be a proper introduction between the new pet and Bill. This is vital to avoid insecurity and hostility on Billy’s part
  • While dietary needs are different for different animals, one has to ensure that the are fed at the same time in different parts of the house
  • In fact even the vets need to be scheduled for the same time

While having a pet is a lovely feeling, handling them well is rather crucial too!

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