Tips on how to slow down your hair from going grey


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While grey hair can look distinguished, there are some who prefer to maintain a their natural, or unnatural, color, and reasonably so. Fortunately there are many options to slowing down greying and ways that you can cover it up. As they say prevention is better than cure, so the moment you notice a couple of grey streaks opt for a shampoo for grey hair. Check out the L’Oreal Homme grey anti-yellowing shampoo for white and grey hair that enhances the look with ‘chrome-like’ shine with visibly reduced yellow tones after one application.

Remember that causes of grey hair are not always related to your diet or lifestyle, no matter how much your Mom tries to blame you for the cause of her grey hair. Most of the time grey hair is caused by a person’s genes or hormonal imbalances, so consulting a dermatologist to find out the reason for greying might help. Typically they might suggest taking supplements such as Biotin or Vitamin B to prevent further graying.

Apart from this, you can use some natural hair dying tips. These consist of using natural-dyes made from fruits and vegetables. Using henna powder helps to get you a nice deep orange or reddish color. You can also add a coffee concoction or black tea water to the powder and soak overnight.

For those who want a reddish maroonish color, beetroot is a sensible vegetable dye. You can add it to henna or another hair pack and apply it. Of course, you will need to exercise some patience to get visible results. Also natural hair colors need constant re-application as it wears off more easily. Indian gooseberry also known as Amla helps to get a rich black color.

If you don’t have time for natural dyes and need a quick solution then opt for organic hair colors. Ammonia-free hair colors are very popular too as they are devoid of harmful toxins. Some hair colors contain natural extracts like olive oil and other conditioners that help to nourish and protect hair, while coloring it.

Apart from this, make sure that you use a color-protecting or highlighting shampoo and conditioner to retain the color for a longer period.

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