3 toys that will help your child develop


toddler play table, interactive map of USA

Children can be a handful. They don’t need not only time and love, but also an intelligent sense of teaching abilities. As a parent I realized that it was so important for the child’s overall development to take place. This was when I started investing in toys which would lead to stimulating and increasing my daughter Liz’s sensibilities across.

Be active, fit and fine

Liz has always been a very active child. Thus I understood her need to have a positive diversion of energy. This is when I picked up a Kidwise Basketball Challenge Interactive Inflatable. Every evening she is happy to play her favorite sport basketball with her friends. It makes her happy and looks forward to an active lifestyle. In fact it is a lovely toy which I use for play dates and parties too.

Be inquisitive and learn more

When Liz was very small, I had bought her a very cute elephant crib toy. There were several textures and shapes which would amaze her as a baby when she would lie in her crib. The vibrant colors also fascinated her stimulating her visual senses. In fact you could consider getting a musical toy such that it would stimulate the baby’s ears as well.

Know the World well 

I feel it is very important for the child to be good at their studies and be ahead in their class too. Thus I found this lovely interactive map of USA which she loves to ponder and go through. She sits on her toddler play table and goes through this which is a “talk and teach” toy. She loves to answer the true and false answers too about each state’s population, landmark among others and gets very excited on getting them correct!

Get these toys and let your child have a lot of fun. You too can share the pride with your child’s blooming development!

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