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waterloo tool boxes,a tool shed

Whether you’re a DIY kind of a person or not, it’s always an advantage when you know how to deal with some basics, like hammering in a nail, tightening a screw, cleaning out a clogged pipe and other such simple things. It’s easy to get in help but that may not be possible every single time when you need things fixed in a jiffy. It’s best to rely on yourself. Keep a tool shed like the ABSCO Spacesaver tool shed if you’re a seasoned DIY person and need a lot of separate place to keep your tools. Take a look at some tools that every handyman or handywoman ought to have:

Waterloo tool boxes

Start with a toolbox to store your tools. A Waterloo tool storage lets you organize your tools instantly and easily. A Waterloo tool box like the 22” 6 pack tool box is heavy duty and is molded with high impact polypropylene resin. That makes it resistant to rust and dents. The boxes have sure-grip handles to prevent slipping and have flush tops to make organizing and storing your tools convenient.


A Milwaukee self-drill fastener screwdriver is ideal for controlled depth fastening. With this you can control the depth of every screw. It has a good grip and two finger trigger for comfortable use and balance.


Hammers, preferably a fibre-glass shaft hammer like the Silverline pin hammer with a smooth head and vibration-dampening rubber grip is necessary when you want to hammer in a nail or for demolition.


An electrical tester is something that is invaluable around the house. With a tester, you can find out whether electrical current is present or not in any electrical switch or outlet.

Vise grips

Vise grips are handy when you want to hold or stabilize anything. For example, for a plumbing job, if you need to clamp metal or PVC pipes with a viselike stabilizing grip, you can’t afford to be without vise grips.

Measuring tape

Tape measures like Buffalo Bills 25” can give you accurate measurements whenever you need them. For a decorating job, in the kitchen, some carpentry work or for anything, a measuring tape is invaluable.


Needle nose pliers are necessary for electrical work, especially in areas where the space is tight. Go for pliers that have a wire-cutting blade near the hinges.

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