What your hilarious dog always needed for toys


rubber chicken, polka dot dishes


I never knew such hilarious toys were available for dogs until once I went hunting for a few of them for my dog Bruno. He seemed to be bored out of his wits. Ever since I have got few of them, he has been rather entertained and entertaining me in turn as well.

I would have never believed that a rubber chicken could be so much fun for a dog had I not seen it with my own eyes. Most of these toys are rubber filled poly latex dog toy. Bruno chews it as if it is a rubber chicken and leaves it soon enough when he realizes that it cannot be eaten. After a while once again he licks it up, tries to play some tactics with the rubber toy and throws it in anguish. In fact he licks it too at times as if someone has given him a fancy platter of food. It is a rather amusing sight!

Dogs love Frisbees. I got one set which had some chewable toys on top which were in the form of foods which Bruno adores. Who would be able to resist such a delicious offer? In fact some other funny toys which I saw were these hugs lips for your dog to wear if you want to see him smiling all the time. In fact just give him these and he will be happy and fluffy making others around him have a hearty laugh too.

But I must tell you that Bruno is a rather funny dog himself. So I got him some polka dot dishes. He was so happy and thrilled with these new dishes that he decided to amuse his audience with some of his smart tricks. From flicking them in the air to spinning them around he was extremely thrilled with these toys.

Get some toys for your pet dog and you will see how happy and excited he is bound to be!

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