3 types of wine no home bar should be without


white zinfandel wine, verdi wine

With the festive season round the corner, it would be a great idea to stock up your home bar. Make sure you have at least 3 types of wine (if not more) apart from other favorites. Take a look here at 3 popular wines and how you serve them:

White Zinfandel wine

If you’re not used to wines but want to try, begin with a white Zinfandel wine. It’s sweet and fruity. Though it’s called white wine, it’s actually a light rose wine and ideal for a warm day. Something like a Beringer white Zinfandel 2009 made in California is youthful and lively. It’s flavors of fresh red berries, melon and citrus and hints of nutmeg and clove makes it a winner right away.

You can enjoy it as a sipper on its own. It also complements a number of light dishes like fish, other seafood, light pastas and generally any light dish that’s not heavy. Chill the wine for just around an hour or an hour and a half before serving so as to not mask the subtle flavor.

Generally, white Zinfandel wine is best when served at 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit. The best glasses to serve white wine are short glasses with a narrow bowl that curve slightly inwards and flare out ever so gently at the top.

Almaden white Zinfandel

This is a classic blush wine that delights the senses. It has a fresh, floral character with the flavor of sweet ripe berries. This delicate pink wine is light and sweet with a wonderful aroma and a pleasant aftertaste. It’s just the drink you want to go with while celebrating special events in your life. And it’s excellent as an everyday table wine too.

Almaden white Zinfandel is a great with light meals like lightly grilled salmon, fresh fruit salads, sandwiches, pastas with white sauce and most Asian foods. Serve chilled but not too cold that the flavors get smothered.

white zinfandel wineVerdi wine

Try a Verdi Green Apple Sparkletini wine that’s light and sweet. It’s a 100%, all-natural, malt beverage. The Verdi Green Apple Sparkletini is balanced and clean and refreshing on the palate. Serve chilled to get the best taste. This sparkling Spumante is low on alcohol making it the perfect drink for any fun occasion.

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