3 work outs you can do at home


workout bench, homemade pull up bar

Going to the gym on a regular basis can get difficult if you have a busy work life. It also gets difficult if you have too many responsibilities. If you want to be fit you would have to end up working out at home. There are quite a few exercises that can be done at home.

One of the most popular workouts that are done by most people at home is push ups. Push ups are usually not the most liked exercises but they are very effective. They can be done almost anywhere and require very less space. They help you give your upper body a very good workout. In addition to that push ups can be modified to suit your strength levels. For example if you aren’t able to do regular push ups you could knees instead of your toes till you develop that upper body strength. There are different types of push ups like pylo push ups which would involve raising your body as far from the ground from the low push up position.

The next most popular exercise which can be done at home would be crunches. This is the best exercise for building and strengthening your abdominal muscles. In addition to strengthening your abdominal region it will also help you burn off fat accumulated in those regions and help you achieve a good shape. Initially this would be very difficult and you would often struggle to get your head up all the way. You could get yourself a workout bench and it would help you modify your crunches and make it more specific to a particular region.

Pull ups are one of the toughest exercises around. They are possibly one of the toughest multi-joint exercises out there. Pull ups usually recruit a large amount of muscle fibers and they can help you gain mass efficiently. Pull ups help you develop powerful forearms and grip strength which help you improve your performance in several sports and help you with other workouts which involve weights. Homemade pull up bar are perfect for exercising at home.

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