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Sonicare toothbrush, kids electric toothbrush

Oral hygiene is as important as cleaning your face and hair. In fact, it is vital to use the right toothbrush to get rid of the hidden germs and impurities from food particles in the teeth. These days most people prefer electrical toothbrushes because they provide a more intense cleaning experience as compared to the manual counterparts, getting rid of germs even from the deepest corners of the mouth.

Check out a Philips Sonicare toothbrush that improves gum health in just a matter of two weeks. With almost 80% of adults suffering from gum disease, dental professionals highly recommend this clinically proven FlexCare, which provides 2 minutes of overall cleaning along with 1 minute to gently clean problem areas and along the gumline. This helps in reducing gum inflammation and bleeding and also offers protection against gingivitis.

  • It features the patented Sonic technology drives fluid to stimulate gums
  • The contoured brush head removes plaque along the gumline
  • Product has a UV Brush Head Sanitizer to keep select bacteria away from your brush head

Oral B Precision Clean is one of best-selling replacement brush heads available today. Like Sonicare, it too provides a clean mouth and healthy gums. It penetrates the hard to reach areas of the mouth and comes with a rechargeable option. However, unlike Philips it doesn’t have the patented Sonic technology, but it provides a very thorough cleaning experience too.

There are kids versions of electric toothbrushes and they’re great to getting your kid started in healthy habits when it comes to dental hygiene. A kids electric toothbrush is surely a good way to lure your little one into brushing twice a day. They are safe to be used and come in attractive colors and designs. Of course, they provide a complete cleaning experience to keep teeth and gum diseases at bay. Crest SpinBrush kids toothbrush have soft moving bristles to remove planque easily and for healthy brushing, making it one of the top picks for kids.

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