4 clocks that will look good in your home


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It is that time of the year when you are buying new furniture and other accessories to give your house a new look. Clocks are one of the accessories which a lot of people buy for their homes. Let us take a look at 4 clocks which will look good in your home.

When it comes to buying clocks you would have to consider the type of clocks you want. There are wall clocks, table clocks and many others to choose from.

Seiko Dark Brown Oak Tambour Mantel Clock

If you are looking for a table clock which you can place on your living room as well as your bedroom then the Seiko Dark Brown Oak Tambour Mantel Clock would be your best bet. This clock has a dark brown solid oak tambour case with hand-rubbed finish to it which will go with almost any décor. It will give the room a look of sophistication and a touch of class. This clock also features the Westminster/Whittington quarter-hour chime, hourly strikes. The nighttime chime silencer and volume control ensure that you aren’t disturbed during your sleep. Lastly Seiko clocks have been known to be one of one’s around being in the industry for over 100 years.

Slim Projection Atomic Alarm Clock

If you don’t quite like the classic elegant look and prefer the modern futuristic look then the Oregon Scientific Slim Projection Atomic Alarm Clock would be a good option. This digital alarm clock is perhaps the most convenient and easy to use atomic clocks out there. The best feature about this clock would be the fact that you can place it on a table as well as place it on the wall. The alarm feature on this clock features an 8 minute snooze which is perfect when you need that extra bit of sleep.

La Crosse Technology Atomic Digital Wall Clock

This wall clock is all about convenience. This digital wall clock would give your room a modern look thanks to its design and finish. In addition to displaying the time this clock also has the ability to display the ambient temperature. This clock automatically adjusts the time in case daylight savings comes into the picture. This atomic wall clock uses two AA batteries and they should last long before needing to be replaced.

Bulova Manchester Wall Chime Clock

If you are a person who loves old school chime clocks then the Bulova Manchester Wall Chime Clock would be the one you should get your hands on. This wall clock features a solid wood case with a walnut finish. This clock features dual-chime, they play Westminster or Ave Maria chimes. It also has an adjustable volume control and a night shut-off system so that you don’t get disturbed during the night.

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