What you need before you can make a proper cocktail


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Understanding the intricacies of making a good cocktail can set the tone for your party. After all, it’s the food and drink that ultimately make or mar a party or get-together. Make sure you have all the items on hand that are needed to mix a perfect cocktail. Take a look here:

To get any drink right, you need the right ingredients and equipment. And of course the presentation is what makes for instant visual appeal. So you’re dealing with a lot of things while making a cocktail.

Get the alcohol right. Make sure you have some rum, tequila, gin, whisky, vodka or an exotic liqueur like Amaretto Price or others to get your cocktail right.  An Amaretto liqueur is rich and velvety smooth. It is almond flavored and is made with the crushed essence of apricots.

Keep on hand some soft drinks, tonic, soda, fruit juices and other mixed drinks. Get the garnishes ready. Give your cocktail a professional look with thinly sliced lemons, cocktail sticks, and salt on the martini glass, olives, cocktail onions, Maraschino cherries and other garnishes that you favor.

Apart from shot glasses and cocktail glasses in two or three different sizes, you’ll need a cocktail shaker, straw stirrers and a long-handled spoon. Check out the sleek cylindrical Stelton cocktail shaker or Initial Impressions Engraved cocktail shaker. This will help you shake up the perfect martini or cocktail. This gleaming stainless steel shaker with etched initial or script makes for a great festive gift too. The long-handled spoon and straw stirrers are useful when you have stirred cocktails.

It’s handy to have a pony-jigger to measure the ingredients out correctly. A strainer is helpful when you have to pour out a well shaken cocktail. You can also use an electric blender to mix frozen cocktails. It’s good to have some background knowledge on stirred and shaken cocktails so you make the perfect drink that looks and tastes good.

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