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When it comes to furniture and bedding for the kids, you want something that is comfortable, skin-friendly and also green. The reason for choosing green habits is not only restricted to inculcating better habits in your kids, but also because they are much safer as compared to their commercial counterparts.

The organic or eco-friendly mattresses available are made or hypo-allergic materials and don’t use artificial dyes or chemicals. As a result they are mild and gentle for the soft skin of your kid. You can also choose a variety in them. For instance, take this twin mattress from EcoSleep that features cool contour memory foam, which is in sync with increasingly health conscious individuals.

Your kids would enjoy the benefits of-

  • The cool max Tencel cover
  • Chemical free cool contour memory foa
  • Support from the “green” Acella Flex core
  • Superior comfort and support along with being Eco-Friendly
  • Better sleep

For those who want to save more space along with being eco-friendly, there are many trendy options available too. Kids, especially love trundle beds, bunk beds, and loft beds. Kids trundle beds in particular offers functionality of storage space. They are also great options for kids when there is a sleepover or guests visiting.

You can opt for trundle beds that are made from hardwood, which can be recycled or refurbished wood too. As a rule of thumb, always pick products that are lead free and have organic polish or come with natural polish. Since these are going into the kid’s room, make sure they come with child-safety features.

It is not necessary to impose organic or green bedding and furniture option for your kids, but when there are possibilities available, why not help them understand the value of conserving the environment. All this comes without compromising on price and quality too!

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