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Traveling can be such a stressful endeavor that usually involves a lot of planning, long lines, traffic, and overall anxiety about the journey. However, once you reach your destination you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your time away from your daily routine. It is important to take this break and rejuvenate. And while we can’t do much about the crowds of people, particularly during the holiday season, all trying to funnel through one entry, whether it is merging on the freeway or getting through the security line at the airport, we can help alleviate packing stress when it comes to your makeup. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to make the packing process a bit easier when it comes to deciding what makeup to bring, how to keep it organized, and how to fit it all in your suitcase.

Keep it simple: a vacation implies that your stay will be temporary, so the first thing you must do is narrow down what makeup you will actually use and need during your trip. This will also vary based on your destination, but typically you will only need one tube of mascara, some eyeliner, one eye shadow color, some concealer to touch up any tired travel skin, and a sufficient amount of cotton swabs. Keep your cosmetics organized with a train case. These cases come in all sizes, so even if you can’t narrow down your makeup to the bare essentials, then you won’t be driving yourself, and anyone you’re traveling with too, crazy digging through everything to find that sneaky Maybelline eyeliner pencil. These beauty boxes come in cute different styles and will make your life so much easier.

Keep liquids to a minimum: particularly when traveling by plane, the airport security is fairly strict about their liquid policy. You can purchase empty bottles at the drugstore that are the correct size that the TSA allows, 3 ounces or smaller, but you are only allowed to have as many of these of these 3.4 ounce bottles that will fit into a quart sized clear plastic Ziploc. This usually leaves room for some face lotion, face wash, eye makeup remover, and some liquid hair styling tool.  One extremely helpful tip when packing this is to make sure that this quart sized bag is easily accessible and near the top of your carry-on. That way you can easily pull it out when it’s your turn to go through the metal detector and you aren’t that one person holding everyone up. But even if you are traveling by car or boat, liquids explode sometimes and are a huge mess to clean up. The fewer the liquids the better.

Don’t let travel anxiety over power the joy in vacation. Especially during the holidays when you are feeling enough pressure, follow these simple tips and you will start to reduce your stress.

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