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100 inch flat screen tv, coby led tv

Having a great TV to play your favorite console games is vital to the gaming experience. Hence it is essential to get a good TV. Let us take a look at a few TVs and why they would be great for gaming.

When it comes to gaming a 40 inch TV is about the right size. Anything larger than this becomes rather inconvenient to play with. Sure, Halo 4 would look great on a 100 inch flat screen TV, but trying to play the game would be rather inconvenient. Here are 3 TV’s which would be perfect to play your video games on.

Samsung UN40D6000

Samsung has been known to manufacture some of the best TV’s around. They are the leaders when it comes to flat screen TVs. This 40 inch TV features a full HD panel which means it will support resolutions of 1920*1080 which is pretty much what all games need to run on. This TV features a low response time and a high refresh rate which is essential for gaming. This completely eliminates the ghosting effect when playing fast paced games. This TV features 4 HDMI ports which will help you connect your Xbox or PS3. It also has a PC port in case you want to connect your PC and play PC games on it.

Sony KDL40EX640

This Sony high definition TV is just fantastic for gaming as well as watching movies. This TV also features a 1920*1080 panel. The edge lighting system for back lighting gives it that additional contrast which would give you deeper blacks and brighter whites. It also features a WI-FI adapter in case you plan to browse the internet in case you are planning to take a break. One of the key features of this TV is the Motionflow technology incorporated. This gives this TV a high refresh rate which is essential for gaming. Lastly it also has the ability to display 3D content.

Coby 39 LED TV

If you are looking for a TV for gaming on a budget then you should consider this 39 inch Coby LED TV. Don’t let the price tag fool you as this TV is quite capable of giving you a good gaming experience. This TV also has a 1920*1080 panel. The backlighting technology used in this TV makes give it a good contrast ratio which is necessary for gaming. The refresh rates and response times are also quite good considering the price of the TV.

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