Easy ways to keep your winter boots clean


boot tray,  rubber mat

Winters have already set in. Well, to put it simply, there is no escape from it. And we all know what it does to our shoes! However, there are a few techniques that can help you preserve your prized winter boots intact and in good condition. So it is time to start doing some preparation to preserve the life of your leather winter boots.

It is suggested to apply shoe polish and conditioner before you step outside. It’ll give your shoes a good defense against salt, grime, moisture and cold. Do not forget to do the preliminary cleaning and drying before you intend to go out. You must do this a day prior to your going out. To buy all the things, you wouldn’t require more than thirty dollars. This will include leather polish, brushes and leather conditioner. Some leather retailers even carry their own brand of shoe protectors, so you can even take a look there.

Never forget that once you have returned back, you should immediately brush off your shoes. Keep a boot tray to clean your dirty shoes. It is a good way of making sure that your house doesn’t get dirty and it can be a great place to not only keep your dirty winter boots but a good place to clean them too. If you wipe off the dirt and put it on the tray, then you can simply dump the mud in the trash. You can also opt for a rubber mat as it is a good way of scraping off mud as well.

Remember the fundamental of sooner the better. Immediately brushing off your shoes is going to prolong the life of your shoes. If you can afford, buy some antibacterial or antimicrobial socks to keep your feet and shoes deodorized. This will keep your feet from smelling and give your shoes a longer life.

So no more waiting! Get on to work…have happy feet.

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