Decorative lighting ideas for your home


candle chandelier, crystal chandelierA major part of decorating the home is figuring out the lighting. The lighting you choose needs to be complimentary to the whole home’s style. It also needs to be bright enough that you do not feel like you are constantly squinting to see what is in front of you, but not harsh like fluorescent lighting. The first step to lighting is to figure out how much natural light you have coming into a room and how much additional lighting you’ll need. The more natural light the better, but not all homes were designed with lots of windows. The next step is finding lighting that looks nice but is also practical.

The candle chandelier is a beautifully decorative piece that gives off a soft light. These can be hung from the ceiling and look nice in almost all home styles. Here are some different design ideas to get your started

  • DIY candle chandeliers can be simple or more detailed depending on how much time you want to spend on the project. The simple route requires a wood plank, hooks with eyes for the board and hooks for the ceiling, and some chain. You have a lot of creative liberty to use the board how you want; some people make it more of a shelf, while others simply use it as a flat piece of wood. These boards are also easy to spray paint so you can choose your own color or stain it to make the wood darker. From here you can go into more detail, putting your candles in mason jars, or decorating the board in different ways. The result though is a very cost effective lighting, using less electricity and the supplies are easy to get hold of. These pieces look great over a dinner table since the rectangular shapes complement each other, or in the center of the living room. These are also available to purchase if you do not want to spend time making your own.
  • If you home’s style is more vintage and old-fashion, crystal chandeliers provide a nice statement piece in a hallway entrance or any other tall ceiling room. The tall skinny candles give off a light that sparkles and glitters when it hits the crystals. These are also easy DIY projects that do not take much time or money.

The key is though is to use non-drip candles so you don’t have wax everywhere; fortunately these are easy to find. The candle chandelier adds such a lovely and understated touch to the home that you will be surprised how many guests compliment your home’s lighting.

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