5 Best winter getaway spots


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Winter is a great time for travel, but it can be hard to decide where you want to go. Since the holidays usually bring some kind of time off from work for vacation, you want to make sure you use that time optimally. For some this may mean a ‘staycation’ where you simply stay home and enjoy the holidays that way. For others it means packing up and going to your hometown traveling to see family there. But if you are looking for a new destination this winter, we’ve compiled a guide of the top 5 winter getaways for everyone.

  • Kid-friendly Disney World or Disneyland is a great place to spend the holidays. If you are looking for a place with lots of activities for the kids, this is your best option. Yes it can sound overwhelming at first because of the crowds, but there are smart ways to navigate your way around both of these places. It requires a schedule and planning, but the magic of the lights and decorations is incomparable. Plus both of these locations (Anaheim, CA and Orlando, FL) are known for their year-round warm weather and sunshine.
  • Fly south for the winter to a beach destination. If you are sick of the cold and want to layout by the beach and be reminded of what vitamin D is, then you should definitely take advantage of your vacation this way. Hawaii is of course the ultimate state to do this in, or you can also cruise down to the Caribbean. But make sure to check the weather because these locations also get rain sometimes so you don’t want to be disappointed because your beach vacation was rained out. One thing to definitely keep in mind though is how summer clothes take up less space, so make your plane travels easier by just doing carry on luggage. This will not only save you those annoying luggage fees from the airlines, but also you won’t have to worry about it getting lost.
  • If you are a snow person then you should embrace the season and go skiing or snowboarding. Even if you simply love the snow but don’t like skiing then it’s also fun to be a snow bunny and just enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by the fire all bundled up. If you do head to the snow then make sure you have the proper gear, like a warm and insulated ski jacket.
  • Winter vacation is also a great time to travel abroad. Paris and Strasbourg are known for their extensive and beautiful Christmas markets. London is beautiful all lit up with their holiday decorations. These places are also known to get rain during the winter season, so be sure to be prepared with a good raincoat. The abroad experience though will make the rain all worth it. Or if you’re looking to really travel and want to experience the winter season on the other side of the equator then check out New Zealand and Australia.
  • If you are looking for a winter wonderland in the United States though, east coast states like Vermont and Connecticut have beautiful little cottages or Bed & Breakfasts that you can stay in and enjoy a laid-back cozy vacation. Or if you are looking for more of a big city feel, New York City is absolutely breathtaking at Christmas. There is so much to see and do you won’t be bored for a minute. You’ll definitely want to plan though and make sure you have a reliable New York City map.

However you decide to spend the winter holiday vacation, make sure you enjoy and take time for yourself as well as your friends and family. Happy Holidays!

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