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Hooded Varsity Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket with an old-school style, look no further than the cheap varsity jacket.

The varsity jacket, also known as the “letterman jacket” originated as a tradition for high school and college athletes who received varsity letters (or mogograms) in their junior or senior year to signify that they had made it to the varsity team. The letters were then sewn onto the varsity jacket, and worn around with pride by the student.

The varsity jacket tradition continues to this day, although at many schools letters are no longer restricted to upperclassmen. Nevertheless, the exclusivity and mystique of the letterman jacket remains, and the jacket has come to become an element of style worn outside of school.

Even if you were never an athlete yourself, a varsity jacket can still be a nice item to add to your wardrobe, with its youthful and exclusive connotations. Letterman jackets were also worn by popular characters on TV in the ’50s and ’60s, which adds another layer of cool to the varsity jacket. Plus, varsity jackets are still very functional as well, and are thick enough to keep your warm in the winter months.

The one thing to watch out for with varsity jackets is price, as the jackets have risen in price as they’ve grown in popularity, especially among those going for the retro or collegiate look. Luckily, during the holidays it’s not too difficult to find cheap varsity jackets at a discount, so the you can rock the style without breaking the bank.

This holiday season, why not rock the collegiate style with a varsity jacket of your very own?

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