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cheap wide calf boots, Dr Scholl’s women's shoes

If you have a problem of wider calves, which stops you from buying trendy shoes, then these shoes are a good investment. There are a lot of women I know who have wide calves and need a little extra leg room. But they are too shy to ask for bigger sizes or special sizes at stores out of embarrassment. However, for those who need the extra room then it’s important to wear comfortable shoes.

Else, you will risk your calves to pain and blisters. Ill-fitting shoes are terrible for the feet and heels. Here are a couple of comfortable and sensible investments that you should check out:

1. Wide calf boots

You can now get cheap wide calf boots, which are specially made for women who need that extra room. This one from White Mountain gives you the option to step in to simple style with panache. It sure is a cool bet this season with its slouched faux leather upper and hidden elastic panel to allow for extra room.

The extra calf space means that you won’t suffer from any blood clotting or marks due to tight fits. Remember that leather boots can also spoil if you choose something too tight and will wear out faster.

Dr Scholl’s women's shoes

2. Dr Scholl’s women’s shoes

Nothing beats the comfort of soles like Dr Scholl. Check out these original 2.0 iconic sandals that had caused a sensation when they hit the market back in 1968. Now the brand comes back with a new version of the famous originals in looks and improved technology. These are among the most comfortable sandals you can wear that provide and encourage natural flexibility.

These sandals are great for casual wear and offer optimum comfort. You can wear them with socks during the colder months and enjoy the breathability of the open front during the summer months.

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