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We all are aware of the best Christmas houses on the street, and maybe it’s even yours. These houses are completely lit up to the maximum potential with reindeer flying everywhere, intermittently blinking lights, Christmas trees, wreaths, candy canes, stars, the list is never ending. The extent of this festive creativity always brings a smile to your face every year, and possibly a painful electric bill too if that house is yours, nonetheless, it is a magical joy that you wish could last forever. However, there is a way to keep that same lovely glow year round. Candles are the perfect decorative pieces that work for the holiday season and throughout the rest of the year. Christmas window candles twinkle during the season, but you can also put other beautiful candles throughout to brighten your home with a soft glow.

Candles also make great homemade gifts. If you are looking for an easy Christmas craft for the kids you can easily get a candle making kit that comes with all of the supplies and instructions on how to make candles. However, it is also really easy to buy the supplies yourself and follow our quick and easy instructions here for how to make your own solid colored candle-


  • A block of wax
  • Wicks
  • A crayon to determine the color of your candle since most blocks of wax are a translucent white
  • Scent (optional)
    • Some ideas are cinnamon, vanilla or peppermint
  • Olive Oil (optional)
  • Two boiling pots that can nest in each other
  • Soda can with top cut off for mold (any other molds will work too)


  1. Prepare your molds by rubbing olive oil inside so that the candle is easier to remove once the wax has hardened
  2. Fill the larger pot with ¼ water and start boiling
  3. Place the wax in the smaller pot that nests within the larger pot of boiling water
  4. Allow for the wax to soften and eventually melt (hint: this may take some time depending on what size your block of wax is. Once the wax begins to soften cut the block in half if it is too large.)
  5. Once the wax has melted add your crayon for color and scent for smell
  6. Using tongs, dip your wick in the melted wax and then remove
  7. Allow the wick to dry in a cool place like your refrigerator – this step will ensure that your wick is straight and not droopy, which can be frustrating when trying to light the candle
  8. Pour the wax into your molds and then wait a few minutes to place the wick in the middle (remember you can always trim your wick so longer wicks are better than too short)
  9. Use your refrigerator to store the molds until the rest of the candle hardens before you remove it from the mold

And viola you have your own homemade candle to share with friends and family, or keep for your own home.

Another creative option, if candle making does not sound appealing to you, is to buy a premade candle and then decorate a votive. Either way candles are great sources of soft light and pleasant smells that make great gifts.

Written by Lizzy Jude

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