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Wrestling is one of the oldest sports around. It is one of the most popular events at the Olympics and perhaps the most challenging as well. When it comes to competitive wrestling, small details matter a lot. In addition to the hard work and training you would also need the right shoes and gear.

One of the first things you should consider when buying wrestling gear would be the shoes. Wrestling shoes are often quite expensive. Getting the right one is essential as it will have an effect on your performance. There are many different wrestling shoes available. With the holiday season going on you might get discount wrestling shoes as well. Among them the wrestling shoes available the ones from ASICS would have to be one of the best ones around.

The ASICS Men’s Matflex 3 Wrestling Shoe would be a good choice if you are looking for quality wrestling shoes at a good price. This shoe features an open mesh upper which will provide you with comfort and breathability. There is an EVA board which is stitched all around and is directly attached to the midsole. The California slip lasting provides stability and comfort which is quite important. Lastly the outsole is made from gum rubber and will provide you with the traction you need to take your opponent down.

The next thing you would need would be wrestling headgear. The headgear you use would need to be comfortable and light weight to ensure that it doesn’t distract you during your bouts. Among the wrestling headgears available the Cliff Keen Tornado Wrestling Headgear would be a great option. This headgear is light weight and durable. Its design is based on a revolutionary design based on NASA research. This headgear also features Cliff Keen’s Greater Audible Sound technology that allows you to hear critical instructions from your coach. This headgear also has an antibacterial system. Overall it is a great headgear and would be an asset to you.

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