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storage between washer and dryer, fabric drawers

Owning some simple laundry storage is a good way to keep dirty towels or clothes so they won’t be forgotten. If you want to make your laundry room as efficient as possible, both for organizational purposes as well as staying green, you need the proper storage. There is even functional storage between washer and dryer, which is an area that is frequently forgotten..

Using storage helps me keep everything more organized. Different types of laundry storage help in conserving a greener environment because you can wash all your clothes at once instead of multiple small loads. Even if you need to segregate them on the basis of fabric of color, you can still get larger loads in, saving electricity and water.

I got this Venture Horizon V4010 laundry caddy, which is useful in keeping all my laundry essentials together too. You can keep your liquid washes, detergents, stain removers and even brushes here. Sometimes, you just need to scrub the stubborn stains lightly before putting them in the washer.

Another great idea is to get one of these fabric drawers, which are again eco-friendly as compared to their commercial plastic counterparts. Check out this Circo brown Kelp fabric drawer that also doubles as a decorative basket or box. It helps to keep things organized and out of sight while adding pretty pops of color. The brown kelp fabric drawer is collapsible, accessible and lightweight.

You can prevent cluttering of your laundry here and there by keeping them in the box. Again, having different drawers helps your organize better like you can keep your delicates in one, whites in another, etc. So, the next time try out these ideas to save time and also keep your home clutter free!

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