How to use electricity to recreate antique settings


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We’re living in an era where recreating any kind of setting is not too difficult to achieve. With electricity and innovative and creative lighting solutions, we can get exactly the kind of ambiance we want. Whether it’s a light, modern setting or an antique and traditional setting, anything is possible. Take a look at some items that can help you pull it off:

With the festive season, it is but natural to want to light up every window and interior. Electric window candles can help you light up any room or window with an old-world charm that is so reminiscent of a time when such luxuries just didn’t exist.

Stay-Put Auto On/Off window candles work on both electricity and battery. The candles with their slanted base light up a room with ease. They look great on a double-hung window or a replacement window as the candles can be secured by closing on the slanted L-shaped steel base. The light in the candle turns on automatically with the built-in sensor either early mornings or early evenings. You don’t have to plug it in or use up battery life. Electric window candles make it easy to implement old-world settings during this holiday season. And what’s even more exciting is that the candles come in authentic brass, bronze and pewter finishes.

Nowadays, an electric fireplace is more the norm than the exception. There’s no substitute for a real log fire but then that comes with its own limitations. An electric fireplace looks just as good as a real fire and functions just like a real fireplace to offer warmth and comfort. And all it needs is to be plugged in.

A Wildon Home Franklin electric fireplace comes in a classic floral design. It is functional with six shelves giving you ideal storage space. It also has three bookcases on either side of the fireplace and doesn’t clutter up the space. Just like old, antique settings, it offers mantel support and is ideal for a 42” flat screen TV. Now that’s called combining modern technology with old-world charm. Its lovely mahogany finish gives the whole unit an authentic and vintage look.

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