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Golf is a game which requires a lot of skill and precision. It requires a lot of concentration throughout the time you play. There are a few accessories which you could use which could help you maintain that focus and help you relax and be comfortable at the range. Here are a few things you could consider.

One of the first things that you could get yourself would be a golf cart. The EZ GO golf carts are one of the best ones available. These golf carts are one of the most reliable and durable ones you will find. The EZGO RXV is a good golf cart that comes in gas and electric models. The body of this golf cart is made from Welded steel with a DuraShield epoxy coating which make it durable. It is about 94 inches in length and about 47 inches in width which makes it reasonably compact.  The electric model features a 4.4 HP power output which is good considering its size and weight. It can seat up to 2 people and has a speed of about 15 to 24 miles and hour.

The gas model on the other hand features a powerful 13.5 HP engine which exceeds the regular standard for most golf carts. It has a fuel capacity of about 6.2 gallons which should be sufficient for a whole day at the range. The automatic variable transmission is quite smooth and is easy to ride. The seating capacity is once again for 2 people and it has a maximum speed of about 24 KPH. The advantage with these golf carts is the storage space. You can carry snacks, refreshments or even your laptop.

If an EZ GO golf cart is a little too expensive then you should consider getting the Izzo Golf Dart Compact Push Cart. This golf push cart is one of the most compact ones you will find. it folds and unfolds in 1 step making it easy to access and put your stuff back. The leg locks keep your bags secured to the cart. It also features accessory storage compartment includes separate holders for your umbrella, drink, tees, scoreboard and golf balls. Lastly it weighs in at about 15 lbs making it easy to move around.

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