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Every now and then you deserve a little pampering. You had a stressful week at work, you struggled through finals week, or you’re having boyfriend troubles, all valid reasons to spend some time spoiling yourself with a treat. Like most women in this tough economy, you can’t always afford to go out and spend the big bucks on a facial from a swanky spa. But with the right tools, facial washes, and creams you can give yourself a fantastic DIY facial for less half of what you would pay at spa.

Facial Fake-Out Shopping list:

5 Steps to a great DIY facial:

Scented candles, fluffy towels, light music, and comfy sweats- Even though these have nothing to do with your face, it’s not a spa day without these relaxing and indulgent items. The best part of your DIY spa day is that you control everything. So you can pick out your favorite scented candles, grab your fluffiest towel, throw on your baggiest yoga pants, and turn on some great smooth jazz.

Calming and cleansing facial mask- One of the best things about getting a facial is the amazing facial masks they give you. Thick and cleansing facial masks sit on your skin and are able to get deep down into your pores to help you clean out all the excess oils that have built up. Slather it on for 20 minutes while you enjoy a cup of tea or glass of cucumber water.

Deep cleaning facial wash- After you’ve given yourself the mask, you’re going to need to wash it off, but don’t waste those open pores on just some warm water. Wash your face with a deep cleaning facial wash that help to remove all the oils that the mask has pulled out of your skin, but don’t just use your hands, invest in a facial scrub brush for the deepest and most luxurious clean.

Facial scrub brush- Fancy spa facials make your skin feel baby soft because they exfoliate all the dead skin and build-up off your face revealing healthy, soft, younger skin beneath. You want to invest in a great facial brush to help you look your best and bring out your skins natural glow. Use this facial brush once a week and you’ll have flawless skin year round.

Soothing facial moisturizer- After all that cleansing and exfoliating your skin will be begging for some soothing moisture. Answer the call with a facial lotion that has calming ingredients in it like green tea and aloe. Apply generously, and then make sure to keep your hair and any make-up off your face for at least 20 minutes so your skin can soak up all the lotion goodness.

There you have it, five steps to the greatest DIY facial of your life. If you have any great DIY spa day tips let us know with comments below.

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