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Christmas trees are essential to the Christmas holiday spirit. There is nothing more special than gathering with your family, putting on your favorite Christmas music, and decorating the tree. As you pull out those ornament boxes, which seem like they never end, you can take some time to go through and reminisce about all of your favorites; the Christmas season is really such a wonderful time to think back on happy memories. But sometimes all of the muss and fuss of going to the Christmas tree patch, searching and sometimes even cutting down your own, dragging it into the house, constantly picking up after the needles, and everything else that comes with a real Christmas tree, it can all be a bit much. This is why investing in a fiber optic Christmas tree will save you the unnecessary trouble of all of these hassles that come with a real Christmas tree.

Even though artificial Christmas trees sometimes have somewhat of a bad reputation for being insincere and non-traditional, their simplicity and cleanliness are undeniable. Particularly with cut down Christmas trees, it seems like the pine needles never stop shedding and you are constantly finding yourself sweeping to contain them all. With an artificial tree though, you do not have to worry about that at all.

So how do fiber optics work? Essentially fiber optics are long, extremely thin, flexible tubes in which a bright light shines through reflecting off of a special coating as the beam reaches the end of the tube to produce a little point of light. If certain sections of the tube are not covered with the special coating then the light will show through along the tube. A lot of these tubes gathered together create a beautiful illusion of streaming lights. When it comes to Christmas trees, these lights look especially cool because they can fade in and out with different colors. Or you can be bold and extra festive with an all red Christmas tree. Since the tubes are so flexible you don’t have to worry about breaking them either.

These trees are also reusable for many Christmas seasons to come. They are easy to set up and look beautiful once they are all lit up. Instead of getting tangled and frustrated in the string of Christmas lights, focus on enjoying the company of your friends and family, and looking through the memorable ornaments with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

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