Bring Paris to your home with a fleur-de-lis shower curtain


Fleur de Lis Shower Curtain

In every woman’s dream home there is the perfect bathroom. The bathroom of our dreams is spacious, has a huge claw foot bathtub, the lighted vanity, giant shower, fluffy towels and robe, and the girly touches like candles and flowers. We’ve all daydreamed our perfect bathroom, and now with a few simple touches we can dress up our own bathrooms at home…until we win the lottery and then we go big!

Oh La La!

One simple touch to make your bathroom feel like a French escape is a new shower curtain, maybe you’re old shower curtain has little ducks or tiny fish on it and that’s adorable, but not elegant. Upgrade your childhood shower curtain to a pretty Parisian fleur de lis shower curtain, and because this is such a popular option for women’s bathrooms you can find the fleur de lis design on fabric and plastic curtain options.

Now that you’ve upgraded you’re shower curtain don’t forget to upgrade your bathroom’s hardware such as the shower curtain rod, curtain holders, drawer handles, and towel racks to the wrought iron, or burnished gold iron that the French are so famous for.

Crème de la curtains

Ornate Fleur de Lis Vintage Shower Curtain: When you think classic France, this is the Fleur de lis that comes to mind. This curtain is simple, chic, and elegant, with its starch white background and ornate black Fluer de Lis you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a French bath house. And because it’s made of 100 percent softened polyester, it’ll look like a fabric shower curtain but clean like plastic.

Black and Gold Fluer de Lis Shower Curtain: This 100 percent softened polyester shower curtain takes you back to the day’s decadence and opulence that French royalty is famous for. This gold shower curtain will add warmth to any bathroom in your home. Its twelve stitch enforced eyelets will make sure you don’t get a drop of water on your royal floor.

Mardi Gras Crowned Fluer de Lis Shower Curtain: Do you make it down to Bourbon Street everywhere to celebrate Mardi Gras? Don’t you find yourself wishing every year that the party didn’t end? Well now it doesn’t have too, this green, gold, and royal purple fluer de lis shower curtain will keep it going all year long.

If you’ve turned your bathroom into a Parisian paradise, let us know with pictures and comments below!

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