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Winter can sometimes be cold and dull. You don’t want to add wardrobe woes to it too! When I say wardrobe woes, I’m talking about clothes that need a definite makeover with some bright and fresh accessories. Accessorizing smartly is a sure fire way to infuse new life into your mundane and dull wardrobe. Take a look at some tips on how you can do that:

We get into this rut – winter means pulling out all those neutral-colored woolens and drab colors. It’s too cold out there to bother about how you look and who’d going to look? On the contrary, you’d be doing yourself a favor by dressing up in the latest winter fashions and bright colors. And accessorizing with jewelry to give every look a dash of glamour is what you should be looking at. One way you can really up your fashion quotient instantly is by wearing jewelry from a popular brand that’s really up market and classy.

Go with the Pyramid collection to add some instant pizzazz to your looks. Pyramid Collection’s “Always in My Heart Ring” is a simple ring with a simple look. But the sentiments engraved on the stainless steel band with Mohandas Gandhi’s words are priceless. It’s a definite ‘feel good’ ring.

Take a look at the Siamese Princess Collar and Earrings from the Pyramid Collection. It’s of a riot of sparkling, bright rhinestones in a matched set. This diamond-like set is guaranteed to add a splash of happiness and joy to any outfit you wear.

Check out the lovely Celestial Charms bracelet from the collection. This charming bracelet has suns, moons, seraphs, stars and even cumulus clouds that encircle your wrist.

To add some striking color to a plain outfit or to jazz up a look, turquoise necklaces like the Genuine Turquoise Nugget necklace are perfect. It’s a fun accessory with its vibrant color and natural beauty. The nugget necklace is 54” long and adds a dressy air to most outfits.

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