How to keep track of your running distance


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Getting in good physical shape is one everyone’s agenda this holiday season. Outdoor running is one of the best ways to keep you fit and healthy. For those of you who want to keep track of every kilometer run you should consider getting a GPS watch.

GPS tracking watches are one of the most innovative things to hit the fitness world. They allow you to track the exact path of your exercise routine. Once you have finished running or jogging you can connect it to a computer and trace your exact path and distance you have run. They also will give you additional stats about how fast you were running and your calories burnt. A few GPS watches also allow you to track your heart rate. A few others will also calculate how many calories you’ve burnt.

A few GPS watches allow you to set waypoints before you head out and they guide you to your waypoints to give you an effective workout. Among the GPS watches around the Magellan Switch GPS watch would be one of the best ones around. This GPS watch tracks vital stats such as distance, speed/pace, elevation and heart rate. You can mark and save locations with this watch for additional convenience. This watch is water proof up to about 50 meters and has a strong and durable body. It also features an auto lap to give you distance time and speed. Magellan also has a web application which allows you to analyze your data with others using this GPS watch.

In addition to GPS watches there are other devices called activity trackers which are very effective at tracking your running. The Fitbit ultra wireless activity tracker happens to be one of the most easy to use activity trackers around. This activity tracker counts how many steps you have taken during the day. It also assesses how many miles you have walked in a day and how many calories you have burnt. Once synced with your PC or Mac it will show your progress on graphs and let you analyze it in great detail.

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