Great vitamins to keep you healthy during cold season


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Cold days can make you shiver even if you are wearing two to three layers. You can keep yourself warm and healthy in cold days with the help of some food items. You can also try some supplements to feel energetic during the winter days. Check out the following tips to speed up your metabolism that slows down due to the cold weather.

  • Eat right

Eating too much junk food in cold days can make your metabolism sluggish. Therefore, you must eat rich and hearty food items in cold days. You can include plenty of savory and tasty spices in your diet. Spices will ramp up your digestive system when the temperature really comes down. Go for soups and crock pot meals including stews. These food items will boost your immune system. Have dairy products, nuts, berries, seeds and other antioxidant rich foods as well. All these super foods will keep you warm in winter.

  • Include cinnamon in your diet

You can’t consume it directly but you can do things like putting it in your tea. You can also consume liquid cinnamon extract in cold days. It will support and improve your digestive system in winter. You can pick a liquid cinnamon extract bottle from VitaminLife. This extract supports blood sugar if it is already within the normal range. It contains flavinoids which are potent antioxidants. They are popular for their cellular and tissue protection quality.

  • Include grape seeds in your diet

Grape seeds are a good antioxidants. They are beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions. Include grape seed extract in your diet if you want to reduce cholesterol levels in your body. Grape seed extract reduces swelling caused by injuries. It protects cells from damage and ultimately prevents many diseases. You can include Standard Grape Seed Extract 30C in your diet.

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