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You love chatting with your friends on BBM (blackberry messenger), the computer or via any other chat application. But do you know that typing on the keyboard constantly can cause severe wrist pain. And this just gets worse during the colder season. Wrist pain can be debilitating and make it difficult to function at work, which typically involves the use of your computer.

Fortunately, wrist pain can be treated via regular exercises like wrist rotation. But you can also wear arthritis gloves to help with the pain. They keep all the bones and muscles in place and you can still do all the normal tasks, like typing on the keyboard, throughout your day with no hassle. It’s important to treat pain rather than ignoring it because it will just get worse with time.

In fact, if not treated, it can lead to acute problems like tendinitis. These gloves help relieve arthritis related hand pain along with swelling and cold hands. They also offer mild compression to enhance blood circulation. You get the benefit of open fingertips allow freedom to touch, feel and grip. The breathable cotton Lycra allows skin to breathe and can be worn during the day and night through.

Tendinitis glovesSpecial tendinitis gloves like the brown Medical IMAK SmartGlove provide you with a patented glove to help relieve and prevent wrist pain. It is especially useful in treating problems associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis and tendinitis.  The gloves also feature a flexible support splint and massaging ergoBead pads under the wrist. This helps in cushioning the wrist and improving circulation.

The gloves come with reversible sides to fit both the right and left hand. Apart from wearing gloves, you can also try doing some wrist exercises. Regular massage with pain-relieving oils also helps to ease the pain. As a rule of thumb, make sure you don’t exert yourself when suffering from acute pain and do consult a specialist to be on the safe side.

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