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One of the most important components of a home theater would be the sound system. A good sound system is what will give you that theater like effect at home. In addition to having a good surround sound system it is essential that you set it up right. Here’s how to get the best of your surround sound system.

A home theater speaker system like the ones from iHome should consist of an amplifier, at least 5 speakers and a subwoofer. This is what you would need to get that theater like effect at your home. Placing the speakers in the right place is tricky. Firstly it depends a lot on the room you plan to set it up. Here’s how to do it.

Your 5.1 surround sound speaker system is usually made of a central speaker, 2 front speakers, 2 rear ones and a subwoofer. The central speaker should be placed on top of your display unit or mounted on the wall above it. Next the front speakers should be placed on either side of the television. Ideally these should be mounted on your wall to give you the best possible output. There should be a distance of a minimum of 10 feet between them.

The two rear speakers should be mounted on the wall and they should be at a 45 degree angle to the seating area. The subwoofer of this sound system should be placed in a discreet location of the room. Since subwoofers produce omni directional sound it doesn’t really matter where you place them. Since subwoofers usually feature a built in amplifier you would probably have to place them near a power outlet. The amplifier should be placed alongside other components such as a DVD/Blu Ray player. They should ideally be in a cabinet which acts as a stand for your TV.

While this would be the ideal way to set up your sound system, there are problems which can usually come up. One of the most common ones is usually the problem with the length of the wires. This is why a home theater speaker system with wireless technology is quite popular these days.

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