How to work out your biceps


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Bicep workouts are one of the most commonly exercised muscle groups in the arms. A lot of people usually think that building biceps are a cosmetic muscle. Well that is not entirely correct. Biceps plays a crucial role in increasing your overall upper body strength. So here are a few ways on how to work your biceps out.

One of the best and most commonly known ways to exercise your biceps is using dumbbells. The dumbbell curl is one of the most common and universally well known workouts for targeting your biceps. It is always recommended that you perform your bicep curls while in a seated position with a dumbbell in each hand. Keeping your elbow stationary you would need to arc the dumbbells towards your shoulders. This should be performed about 10 to 12 times and you should do about 3 to 4 sets of them. The heavier the weights the lesser repetitions would be required. One of the best advantages with them is that all you need would be a good dumbbell set and you can work out without any issues.

Barbell preacher curls and hammer curls are other effective ways of workout out your biceps. Preacher curls are quite effective for beginners as it keeps your forearms and elbow in one place while giving a good workout to your biceps. They are great when lifting up heavy weights. Another way to exercise your biceps would be to get yourself push-up bars. Pushups have to be one of the best upper body workouts there is. They not only help you work out your chest and shoulders but also your triceps and a little bit of your biceps as well.

To work out your biceps you would need to get yourself the Men’s Health Bench Press Push-Up. This piece of gym equipment will offer you high intensity pushups which will tone your biceps and other parts of your upper body. All you need to do is place hand in one of the hand pads and then wrap the back pad around your middle back. Then you would need to place your other hand in the hand pad and start doing your pushups. Push up bars with difference resistance bands and so you can improve your workout as you get used to each band.

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